It was on a Motorola transceiver that Neil Armstrong said the historic words, "one small step for a man, one giant leap for mankind" from the surface of the moon! Motorola itself took some small steps of innovations and gave a giant leap to communication throughout the world. The brand remains the number one producer of wireless technologies and drives consumer trust even today.

The Inventor of Mobile Communication

Inventions and Motorola go hand in hand. The brand owns the "world's first" tag for several innovations. From the first pager to the first mobile phone, Motorola remains the leader of innovations in the communication sector. Today, Motorola manufactures some of the world's best two-way radios, cordless telephone systems, and business and commercial radios. The world's first mobile phone manufacturer also produces some of the finest smartphones, the MOTO series.

The Name Speaks All

Motorola, the brand, sounds synonymous with trust and quality today. The dedicated team of engineers and innovators at Motorola always ensures that they create a reliable solution for your needs ahead of its time. That was the drive and motivation behind inventing the "world's first" series of communication technologies that take the globe even today.