Important Motorola
is experiencing supply chain disruptions caused by the global COVID-19 pandemic. This has made it difficult to meet demand. We are diligently working to improve our lead times and will be posting updates as we receive new information. Please reserve yours today!

Motorola 5.8GHz phones are equipped with an excellent line of features. With trilingual menu support, headset jack, and handset locator paging you can enjoy hassle-free phone communication. Several of the 5.8GHz cordless phones models can support up to 8 handsets and carry multiple caller conferencing capabilities. The Motorola 2.4 GHz cordless phones are a great addition to the modern day household. Model CLS-1450CB is a 2.4GHz phone and 2 way radio in one, combining the best of both worlds. Motorola also manufactures replacement phone batteries for your existing phone system and Bluetooth headsets for Bluetooth enabled devices.

The Motorola 2 way radios have become a staple in the American workplace. The Moto professional and personal line of walkie talkie radios can be found in the hands of electrical engineers, public safety officials, ship captains, and military personnel. With features like FRS broadcasting, interference eliminator codes, and SAME technology, it is no surprise some of our nations bravest rely on Motorola 2 ways.